GLOBAL TRAKK concentrates on construction systems providing customers with a comprehensive offer adjusted to their individual needs and expectations. As the company with longstanding experience in the installation construction, we are proud of the highly qualified team of specialists who face every challenge and carry out services on the highest level.

We are well aware that the realities of construction business require that all installations must work perfectly in respect of efficiency as well as later exploitation. To act in accordance with rigorous conditions, you need mainly an undisturbed data flow of projects between people who plan installations and a group of contractors. It is very important, especially in the event of sophisticated and unusual building projects.

We supply our customers with professional services of installation construction directing our offer to private people as well as companies, institutions and corporate clients. The area of our activity includes habitable building/residential construction, public utility building, industrial branch and the trade connected with environmental protection.

GLOBAL TRAKK specializes in variety of installations as the plumbing, water supply system, electrical and heating system. We are concerned with:

  • - coordination and management of system labours,
  • - subcontracting,
  • – realization of investments based on investor's documentation,
  • - replacement of investment and investor supervision,
  • - repairs,
  • - professional technical advice.

All our services are under guarantee depending on quantity and type of works. We implement the projects using our own materials as well as those which are committed us by investors.

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