We carry out comprehensive construction works, work, road work, pave work, demolition and wrecking. We also offer renting the construction equipment, sale and transport of aggregates.


We supply our customers with professional services of installation construction directing our offer to private people as well as companies, institutions and corporate clients. The area of our activity includes habitable building/residential construction, public utility building, industrial branch and the trade connected with environmental protection.


Another area of our work is the road construction.

Working on time, professionally and maintaining superior quality, we carry out smaller as well as bigger projects of the road construction. We have suitable equipment, which comply with ecology.


Public utility buildings as the objects used by total population should not only be admired but they should comply with rigorous technical requirements stipulated in the construction law. It is crucial because such buildings are working places of many people.


Aggregates is the name for the washed sand, sandy gravel, hydrotechnical stone, key aggregate, broken stone and carefully made mixtures for mechanical stabilization (based on mineral aggregates). Rocks such as limestone, granite, dolomite, gneiss, basalt, syenite and melaphyre are used in their production.


We have many years experience of demolition and wrecking objects of varied constructions and heights. By means of advanced technology and high quality machines, we are able to perform both demolition of every building and all kind of disassembly.

GLOBAL TRAKK employs fully trained and skilled workers who act professionally in all circumstances. The company also provide the necessary equipment.


Our experience has centered around many difficult projects. By means of advanced technology and the highest quality machines from reputable manufacturers, we are able to carry out professionally and promptly Your orders.

Our partners

We based our cooperation with the deliverers and the subcontractors on partnership. Our aim is to ensure the highest standards of OMS, quality, ecology and efficiency. We focus on the cooperation with the skilled deliverers and subcontractors.

Why we?